Corporate Social Responsibility

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

              CSR is the concept companies follow to have a direct impact on their community and environment through the outcomes of their business decisions. Companies are liable to have a conscious effort in playing a role within their society, ensuring that their actions can lead to positive contribution socially, environmentally, and even economically.

Why is CSR Important?

              Ensuring that your company can follow an ethical and positive business model, it will greatly assist in brand credibility, integrity, and trust with your community. Strengthening the way others view your company will provide a massive increase in success with reputation, sales, and even longevity.

Ways to Practice CSR

              An example of a company have a successful approach to corporate social responsibility would be Google! Google has provided millions of dollars in charity events, fundraisers, and donations towards causes such as climate change, poverty, and many more. Another way a company can practice CSR would be with the prioritization of their employees, ensuring health and safety always come first.

How Can PR Assist With CSR?

              Corporate Social Responsibility can be a direct product of fantastic public relations. By having a positive impact on society and ensuring a positive workplace environment, PR can assist in publicising these actions and can strengthen a company’s public image!

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