Mahatma Gandhi once said “You must be the Change you wish to see in the World”.  Today, across the globe, mankind is going through monumental change in their current lifestyle, spending time in seclusion and sequestration as they practise social isolation

Week 5 of the Coronavirus isolation and Covid-19 cases have yet not plateaued. An upsurge of virus infected patients continues to cause concern all over the planet.  Here at home, newsroom reports identify York region (my area) as the worst affected.  Line-ups outside grocery stores continue to swell amidst fears of the pandemic.  Schools continue to be closed and fear is paramount, with humanity afraid of each other, lest the virus lingers and transmits.    We are going through a revolution, through a phase never before experienced.    The global humanity is in lockdown.  And no one knows when this will all end.

But amidst this fear, this isolation, this solitude, an unconscious truth has begun to seep in.   There is a higher consciousness permeating mankind.  A super power above perhaps looking to modify the balance on the planet and showing us a new way of life.  And the change that humanity is undergoing – is it necessarily negative?

Certainly not for the environment that has been so burdened with humanity. Now there are blue skies where once there was a dangerous haze, the birds fly freely, the animals are reclaiming their space and the air is fresh and breathable.    The days have converted to weeks and perhaps months by the virus, before the old way of being leaves us, ultimately bringing about massive change in our way of thinking, living, working and connecting to people.

Change, some say, has to transpire as there is evidence from the Universe.   Vedic astrology from India, the land of tradition, culture, meditation and yogic traditions, are propagating theories for the current circumstances.   On December 25, 2019, as per astrologists, six planets – Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Ketu, Moon and Mercury came together in one house.   And when two or more planets come together in one house, it creates unique circumstances, sometimes good and sometimes damaging, all depending on the formation of the planets.  This was an extremely rare phenomenon.  The spread of the virus is also an extremely rare occurrence affecting humanity across the globe.   Never before have we witnessed such a situation in our lifetime and hopefully never will in the future.

So what is the solution to all this?   Is it meditation, spirituality or prayer that will resolve these circumstances?   We have to defeat this virus by coming forward as one humanity, with oneness, leaving materialism and negativity and emerging as higher spiritual beings.  One unique episode stands out when India collectively, at the behest of their leader, clapped in unison in March, perhaps to invoke the Supreme Being for positivity and energy, to encourage people.

Quantum mechanics ( deals with the tiniest particles of energy and we know that the Law of Attraction works thanks to vibration and alignment of energy, so that makes the first common point between the two bringing a collective vibration in the energy fields of the universe.   While the virus may not disappear with this, there is a belief that each participant would be individually elevating their own vibration frequency.

Personally, I do believe that there is an enormous energy portal being generated.  Massive cosmic energy is going to be transmitted to earth for the elevation of collective consciousness of humanity.  Over time, subtle transformation will happen but it has to go through its own phase.   Spiritually we will need to raise our vibrations, illuminate our negative rhythms, dispel our darkness, greed and selfishness and elevate our soul as we each examine our individual journey and charter new beliefs before a new thought process permeates a new way of living.   We have shown to the world that we can be happy with much less and we alone can steer our own path leading us to a transformed way of simple living, higher thinking and a greater consciousness in the future.

As for right now, we need to salute the frontline workers, help others less fortunate, meditate, transform inner consciousness and practice gratitude.


  • Destiny – Believe in destiny. There are some things that are not in our control.
  • Gratitude – Show gratitude to the people who are there for you. A simple thank you with a smile is effective.
  • Help – Help those in need. A small gesture on our part may be very meaningful to someone.
  • Change – Be the Change you want to see in the World (quote by Mahatma Gandhi)
  • Happiness – Laugh often, meditate and decide that “I am going to be happy”

Disclaimer: The above are personal beliefs of the Author and not to be imposed on anyone

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