What does PR do?

Businesses, organizations and individuals hire PR to communicate, highlight and establish the brand and/or event.  PR raises awareness, shapes and generates publicity for the brand and/or event through positive stories and news in the media be it Television, Radio, Newspaper, online and even Social Media to reach the target audience.

What does PR involve?

PR involves creating a Media Relations Campaign, Community Outreach and Public Speaking at groups, events, workshops and other public forums to publicize your brand/event relevant to a target audience.

In a Media Relations Campaign, a press release is created with relevant messages and then sent to varied media channels along with diverse news pitches and stories to individual media outlets.  The relevant media pick up the story and carry it in on their channels, be it TV, Radio, Print and/or online.


Bollywood film star Emran Hashmi being interviewed by ATN’s Shan Chandrasekar on 100 years of Indian Cinema courtesy Imagebuilderz

PR is also Community Outreach that focuses on bridge building and reaching out to various community groups, publicising the brand and/or event through their forums and members directory.

Public Speaking is another aspect of PR that involves speaking to various groups, seminars, events, etc. to highlight the brand.

Why should I do PR?

Public relations is beneficial in shaping integrity and creating creditability for a brand, product, organization, event or other.  Good stories are generated through trusted media sources, which in turn communicate news and create a buzz  about the brand/event to the target audience.

Will I be able to sell more tickets if I hire a PR company?

PR raises awareness about the event through the media. The buzz, in turn, reaches the target audience that enables more people to attend.

What are the key elements in a press release?

We, at Imagebuilderz, say this is an essential component of PR where we communicate content through the press release.  The press release should answer all the questions for the brand and/or event – what’s going on, when is it going to take place, who are the organizers, why is it happening, etc. etc.

Simply put, it’s the 5 Ws and the H – How!   See our blog post about the press release:   https://imagebuilderz.wordpress.com/2018/07/16/how-important-is-the-press-release/,

What are the elements of a press kit?

A press kit has four elements including a press release, a Fact Sheet, History and a Q&A document that conveys all communication relevant to the brand.  A media person is able to determine what the brand and/or event is about and have all their questions answered including what the brand is about, who are the main people to interview, benefits etc.

What is involved in a press conference?

A press conference is held to draw mass media attention to a particular announcement where the entire media is invited to ask questions and interview organizers.  Here is an example of Premier Doug Ford’s first press conference following PC victory:


I can do Social Media myself.  Why should I pay a PR company for posting on Facebook and Twitter?

Let’s say you are organizing an event.  You have to finalize the venue, get the flyer ready, engage with sponsors, sell the tickets and get all the variables in place to ensure its success.  An effective team is necessary to ensure a successful event.  So let the experts handle the PR.   Let them create the PR strategy for the event, work out the tactics, craft the posts, decide when to post and tweet so that maximum readers are engaged.  Let the experts, in consultation with the client, make the decision to live tweet or live stream the event, take videos for the YouTube channel, and post pictures on Instagram and Snapchat.

More than that, by applying the right strategy and tactics, a good PR firm will build and expand extensive footwork into your Social media channels, creating a target audience that will serve you well when you announce your next event and/or product or initiative.

(Featured Image is the Dance Diaries press conference) 

See Example below of media coverage of ANOKHI Anniversary Gala in Weekly Voice courtesy Imagebuilderz

Weekly Voice - Aug 5 (2)-page-001 (1)


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