How do you communicate content?  Through a press release!   Some say this is a dying art.  But we, at Imagebuilderz say this is an essential component of PR.

Remember people only see what they want to see and perceptions can change by what they see.  That is when the value of the traditional press release comes into play, even for Social Media.  When you want to spread the word about your event, what do you do?  You write a press release and send it out to the media and post it on your social media platforms.

For instance, you are announcing that an event is taking place like the India Day Festival & Grand Parade – Panorama India at Nathan Philips Square in Toronto on August 19, 2018.  There will be a grand parade with floats, cultural performances, food vendors, etc.  The press release should answer all the questions for the event –  what’s going on, when is it going to take place, who are the organizers, why is it happening, etc. etc.

But simply put, it’s the 5 Ws and the H – How!


What is going to happen at the event? What time will the parade begin?  What is the parade route?  How many people will take part?  Will there be a VIP reception, performances, interviews, etc?  Are there going to be food vendors?  Is it going to be a free or ticketed event?

When?  When is the event taking place? What time? What is the schedule of events for that day?

Where? Where is the event taking place? The address?

Why?  Why is the event important?  What does it signify?  What is the reason the event is taking place?  In this case, its India’s Independence day celebrations.

Who?  Who are the organizers? Who are the partners?  In this case, it’s Panorama India with support from the Indian Consulate.  Who can people contact to get more information?  A website address ( , email address ( and phone number is mandatory.

How?  How can people participate?  If there is a parade, how can people register?

The 5 Ws and H are significant as they carry all the content and information.  And if the press release conveys this content, organizers would have primed well to effectively communicate to the target audience.






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