When one thinks of social media, the first thing that comes to mind is Facebook.   Today, most people have a comfort level with Facebook where they share stories, connect with friends, add to their social circle and even source long lost friendships.  Certainly, Facebook has come a long way.  As per reports, Facebook users in 2004 totaled 1 million whereas there are 2.13 billion monthly active users in 2018.

Twitter is another social media tool used for effective communication and tweeting has been established as a great basis for conveying the message and building your brand.

So what do you do when you have an event and want to promote it?  You tweet your press release to get attention, rather than email your press release to targeted journalists, who may have received hundreds of emails during a single work day.

Facebook and Twitter have been around for some time and while these may have been saturated or plateaued, there are other social media marketing tools that are yet to achieve their potential in the social media space.  And one of these is Instagram.   The millennials are all too familiar with this method, but there is a defined populace that has yet to find its voice through this medium.

So what is the best way to define your brand presence or promote your event or services through Instagram?  For instance, Dance Diaries is having a series of Dance Workshops and presenting a concert with the legendary Pandit Birju Maharaj, the 80 year old Kathak proponent, in Mississauga on July 8, 2018.  So how do you promote that?

There are six key ways:

  1. Be focused. Post the event flyer on Instagram. The flyer will provide all the information about the event, the venue, the date of the event, the tickets, etc.  Post a picture that will align you to others and tell them what you are doing.  Post a video of the upcoming dance performance, providing a trailer of what to expect.  The video will tell the story.  Remember a video should be concise and under two minutes in order to capture and retain the attention span of most people.
  2. Promote Paucity. Announce that you have very few spots left for the Dance Workshops and the Concert that you are organizing. Shortage or scarcity often leads people to believe that they will be left out.  One has often seen long lineups at grocery stores a day before the stores close on that one day over the long weekend.
  3. Use an Influencer. Post a picture or video of an influencer at your event, someone who has made a name for themselves. In this case, post a short dance video of Pandit Birju Maharaj’s previous performances. This will be a perfect picture or video to draw in dancers and dance schools who have often dreamed that they would learn from the legend himself.
  4. Be consistent and committed. Once you announce the event, be sure to stay consistent. Do not change dates or venue or any other aspect of the event unless absolutely essential.  Be committed to your promotion.   Continue to post information about the event so that the audience keeps it top of mind as a must attend event.  Use diverse methods to promote the event.  You can even announce a competition for free tickets for the lucky winner who posts the best dance video of the legend.
  5. Have a network. Gather a network and make sure your social and business network shares the announcement of the event through their Instagram account. Approach various groups to influence their networks to spread the word.  People are easily influenced by peers and want to go for a particular event in a group together and don’t want to be left out. This will vastly help in expanding the reach of your promotion.  Remember if ten people share your flyer on Instagram and each person has even 50 followers, your reach will be 500 people.
  6. Celebrate your Success. Once the event is over, post pictures and videos of your event on Instagram that relate to the success of your project. Share pictures and short videos with others and urge them to share on their social network space.   Ask participants and audience to share their pictures and videos with you so you can post these on Instagram.

A concert of the legendary Pandit Birju Maharaj will take place at the Maja Prentice Theatre in Mississauga on July 8 at 12 pm.  Tickets are on sale at:

Kathak Workshop Series with Pandit Birju Maharaj will take place in Toronto on July 9-11, 2018 from 6 PM-9 PM.  We also have a workshop series post that at the studio for 3 days

For more information, call Puja at 647-444-7151 or email


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