Gugni Gill celebrates Women Achievers

gugni gill

TORONTO: They come from all walks of life. They are in real estate, health professionals, image consultants, franchisees, restaurant owners and doctors and have only one thing in common. They are all Women and have achieved something in their own right. All these special women will be brought together on April 9 in Toronto under the auspices’ of Women Achievers Canada 2016 (WAC).

“When I came to Canada, what helped me is the name that I gained in the Punjabi industry in India. That kind of created awareness for me and as I go out and explore other women who do so well and who have done so well, I want to celebrate their success. They come to Canada from different countries and they still pursue their careers and it is high time that we show off their success stories and make them shine. Our platform through WAC will help women achieve glory in whatever kind of business they are in,” says Gugni Gill, organizer of the WAC awards, a platform launched to make women get in the limelight.

The well-known personality from Toronto, who has her fan following in the South Asian community, was born and raised in Africa. She then moved to India where she got her undergrad degree from University of Delhi followed by a diploma course in Computer Science from the Polytechnic College for Women in Chandigarh.

With a highly developed instinct to become a great, leader, performer and entrepreneur, Gill got her limelight through her acting prowess in a famous Punjabi movie Rab Diyan Rakha directed by Dara Singh. She is also a part of many fashion shows in India and several other countries and has hosted several shows in Canada. Gill is also the recipient of the Miss Punjaban Award and has judged several beauty pageants and shows.

Gill ran for elections in Brampton-West riding in Ontario and had a historical voters’ turn out. As a person who never gives up on her passion, she plans to contest again in the next elections. A strong activist for women’s issues in the South Asian Community, Gill has also been selected as the North American Brand Ambassador for Imran Khan Cancer Foundation. Recently, she has been honored with the prestigious Mrs. India United Nations (Delegate) and Mrs. United Nations International (1st Runner Up 2012/2013) awards. She was also a jury member of PIFF Canada 2013 and has recently been nominated as a Canadian Ambassador for ROKO Cancer Foundation.

Now the enterprising achiever, has launched a one of a kind event to be held on April 9 at Woodbine Banquet Hall in Toronto. Towards this end, more than 150 women achievers applied from several cities in Canada, out of which around 30 nominees have been shortlisted in several categories. These include Bravery, Education, Entrepreneur, Entertainment, Politics, Sports, Social Work, Special Cases, Writers and other. Contestants will be judged by a panel of judges who will select the winners at the final event in April. The event will feature a Mother Daughter walk and a Q&A round for nominees as well as a variety of entertainment, glamour and buzz.
“The first gala event will unveil 30 beautiful Women Achievers in Canada,” says Gill. “The shortlisted contestants will also attend a three day grooming session and be invited to a launch party on April 8 at the trendy Atmosfera Lounge in Mississauga.

Meanwhile, the grand finale show will be attended by well-known actor/actresses of Bollywood/Pollywood as well as a host of Members of Parliament and Members of Provincial Parliament.

“There will be all this and much more. We will entertain, celebrate and dance the night away to the beats of Bollywood, Bhangra and Club anthems. Music will be provided by North Americas leading Bollywood DJ Shuja,” says Gill.

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